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“All I want is for my child to be happy”

Sound like you? 

Because all you want is for her to go to that great school, make amazing friends and ace all those future tests so you can brag about how smart she is … 

But deep, deep down, what you really want is to see him smile, see him truly happy in himself and at peace with who he is…and who he chooses to be.


Even if she  doesn’t eat those organic vegetables, come out at the top of her class or spend too much time playing video games or on Instagram… 

If you can help him find happiness within, everything will be ok.  

And that’s precisely why we created Meditation Fairy.

Meet the family: Maricela & Vanda Sisters-in-Law

(& Order, cue music… sorry couldn’t resist!)

Maricela Robles


If I had to pick one benefit I’ve received from meditation, it would be a newfound ability to be kinder to myself. 

It was one Christmas after seeing Vanda, just being so truly happy in herself that I finally thought to myself (in the words of when Harry Met Sally), “I’ll have what she’s having”. 

Because of meditation I’m now more patient, less judgemental and more emotionally balanced (less yelling!). This means I’m also better at accepting myself. As a result, what others may think or say about me doesn’t seem to matter that much anymore. 

I wanted the same thing for my son. Now we meditate every day together. 

There are two things to know about me: 

I love books, especially the smell and feel of old books (I could really live at the library, husband not so keen!). 

And I love writing. I love the potential that stories have to impact someone’s life in a positive way.  

Vanda Szuromi


The first meditation book I ever read was at the age of 13. So you could say that I was an early adopter of meditation and its concepts. 

Whilst in London, I was lucky enough to be part of a family as a nanny for 10 years. 

Both parents were yoga teachers and it was during that time that I saw first hand the impact that mindfulness and yoga has on children. I’ve been passionate about encouraging mindfulness in children ever since.  

There are two things to know about me. I love painting (and now illustrating), so much so that I can work on illustrations for days on end and forget about the outside world.  

And I’m also a qualified yoga instructor for adults and for toddlers (much more fun in my view) … and (I know I said two so you get a bonus) I meditate at least 2 hours every day. 

Why create stories on meditation?

Sometimes parenting feels like an insurmountable mountain. And it’s difficult to figure out what is the best thing for your child. 

But the thing is that sometimes as parents what you may think is perfect, might not be your child’s idea of perfect. 

The biggest (and probably the most difficult) part of parenting is letting children find the answer themselves and the sooner you are able to give them the tools to find their own “perfect”, their own idea of happiness, the easier it will be for them to do so. 

This is why we created Meditation Fairy, so that you can easily introduce meditation to your children… 

Without feeling like you’re “teaching” them because you’re simply reading them a bedtime story. 

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