3 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Mom

🌟 3 things I wish I knew before I became a Mom 🌟

I don’t know why we don’t talk about this more, and to be honest I could break these into so many subsections from pregnancy to postpartum to the first few years of life.    Before I became a mom I knew things would change, I didn’t know just HOW MUCH they would change. And when […]

How To Manage Stress As a Parent

When you’ve told someone that you feel stressed either at work or home because you were a new mom, what have you been told?  Let me have a few guesses: “You just need a holiday.”  “Have a massage.”  The issue with these ‘go-to’ recommendations is that they imply that stress will only go away when […]

Stress Triggers: How To Identify Them

identifying stress triggers

I was in the neurologist’s waiting room fearing the worst.  After feeling dizzy for about a month I actually decided to see the doctor. And after a series of tests I was now waiting for the result.  Anticipation, I’ve come to learn, is generally always worse than the actual event. Thankfully it wasn’t something serious, […]

How To Handle Kids’ Meltdowns

Reasons to be thankful as a Mom | Meditation Fairy

Going back to school after the holiday break is hard for kids.   But you know what’s harder? Going back to school after lockdown.  Emotions are running high on every side, and the moment kids are back home from school, they are likely to let all their emotions out.  On you…  And maybe you’ve heard this […]

How I taught my 6 yo about Manifesting

How I taught my 6 yo about Manifesting. How I taught my 6 yo about Manifesting. Last summer we went hiking in an area in Switzerland called Grindelwald. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. Here is a pic of our hike: Half way through the hike it started raining, actually a […]

How to practice self-care, when everyone is home.

How to practice self-care, when everyone is home. How to practice self-care, when everyone is home. “I can’t do this anymore… even sneaking away to the bathroom isn’t working anymore” “I love my kids dearly, but I just need to be away from them” “I need more than 10 mins on my own… I need […]

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