How to Calm the F*** Down:
Parent Edition

A 7+ hrs course for parents who are feeling frustrated and impatient with their kids and want to find a kinder more loving way to parent without all the yelling and stress. 

Want a sneak peek of the course in action?

Modules Included

Modules 1 & 2 - The Science of Stress and How Meditation Helps. (18 Sessions)

In these modules we cover how stress affects YOU, the science behind how meditation works to lower your stress and the basics of meditation, including the types of meditation there are and best times to meditate. 

Walk away with:

  • Feeling calmer by identifying & removing your stress triggers.
  • Knowing how your breathing can help your body and mind calm down.
  • Knowing the right type of meditation for you and your family.

Module 3 & 4 - Emotions and re-wiring your brain + Creating awareness of your internal narrative
(13 sessions)

In these modules we cover how to make permanent changes more easily, effectively re-wiring your brain and take a deep dive into identifying and removing unconscious beliefs and patterns affecting your parenting. 

Walk away with:

  • Knowing how to let go of negative thoughts and connect to positive emotions. 
  • Letting go of unhelpful, unconscious beliefs that are limiting you. 
  • Creating awareness of the beliefs you are passing to your kids.

Modules 5 & 6: Integrating Meditation and Mindfulness into Family Life
(15 sessions)

In these modules we cover how to introduce meditation to your kids with fun and easy mindfulness exercises. You will also learn how to help your kids lower anxiety and boost their confidence through the use of scripted meditations. 

Walk away with:

  • Knowing how to personalise meditation scripts to address your kid’s specific needs. 
  • Getting your kids to focus and calm down. 
  • Empowering your kids to know THEY can find solutions to problems. 


What Parents Say About Meditation Fairy

I have tried many apps before, but it never worked for me, now after going through the course, it all makes sense. I feel lighter and less snappy. Can’t praise it enough, I really loved the course!

Lorena B.

Having someone give me the tools to understand what I am doing through meditation is very empowering. 

Since doing the course and practising meditation I go to sleep faster (no more tossing and turning) and my mind is quieter. Thank you Maricela! 

Elisa R.

I love asking questions, here are some you might have:

I'm new to meditation is this course right for me?

Yes! The course does a deep dive into the science behind meditation to give you a good foundation to know how to meditate. At the end of each module we practice a meditation. After each module we increase the time starting from 6minutes and finishing into 30 mins!

I'm really busy and can't sit for hours to do a course, how much time will it take?

I know life with little ones is busy. To make it easy (and practical)  I’ve split the entire course into mini-sessions of around 10mins each.  

You can do as many or as little sessions as you want everyday, just pop in your headphones and listen on the go. 

There is no time limit to finish the course. 


What if I can't attend the Live Q&As?

You don’t have to attend the live Q&As, although I would love to have you. If you have questions about your own practice or how to introduce it to your kids, the Q&A session is the best place to get them answered. 

If you can’t make it, you can always email me your questions and I’ll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. 

I've tried apps before how is the course going to help me?

Many of my students tried meditation apps before the course and most of them found it really difficult to follow the meditations without falling asleep or thinking about something else. 

During the course I give you specific exercises and meditations to help you remain present and aware during the meditations. Students have told me that understanding the “how” and “why” behind meditation and stress, has helped them enormously to be able to relax into their meditations. 

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