Science-based Meditation strategies for Calmer Parenting.

Self-paced online courses for parents with short sessions that you can do anywhere, anytime.
Guided by certified meditation & mindfulness teacher, resilience practitioner, author and mum, Maricela Robles.

How to Calm the F*** Down: Parent Edition

From Overwhelm to Zen: a course for mamas.

How NOT to lose it with your toddler.

Embracing Motherhood for new moms.


What Parents Say About Meditation Fairy

I have tried many apps before, but it never worked for me, now after going through the course, it all makes sense. I feel lighter and less snappy. Can’t praise it enough, I really loved the course!

Lorena B.

Having someone give me the tools to understand what I am doing through meditation is very empowering. 

Since doing the course and practising meditation I go to sleep faster (no more tossing and turning) and my mind is quieter. Thank you Maricela! 

Elisa R.

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