How many times a day do you lose it? ⁠

With your kids, with your spouse, with strangers on the street, with a neighbour, or even with the TV.⁠

This question isn’t about making you feel bad about losing it, because we all do, but rather to help you become aware of how many times you allow yourself to become upset or “lose it” because of a situation, a person or your kids. ⁠

You might think… “ if it weren’t for everybody and everything else, I would be the calmest person ever!” … but the reality is that you can’t control whatever or whoever is outside of you.⁠

However, you can control your own reactions. ⁠

If you are struggling to be a calm parent and practice gentle or positive parenting, that is because it’s tough to be kind and calm to our kids when our own internal state is a mess. ⁠

It’s difficult to step back and think how to react better to this situation instead of shouting when feeling overwhelmed, tired and stressed out. ⁠

And this is exactly where meditation can help, in giving you that space and that ability to take a step back instead of constantly reacting. ⁠

In How to calm the F*** down Parent Edition, we dwell deeper in understanding ⁠
🌟 your stress triggers ⁠
🌟 how stress affects your parenting and ⁠
🌟 developing awareness ⁠

So that you can become the parent you want to be instead of the parent your stress has created by default. ⁠

If you want to get a glimpse of what we cover in the sessions, go to the “courses” section of the website.

The course is now online, so you can start today and take your first step in becoming a calmer parent and a calmer YOU. (Btw you still get live monthly Q&A sessions with me 😃, I would love to see you there!) . ⁠

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