Mom Stress

Being a mom is not easy! Sometimes we don’t realize that our bodies are under chronic stress. 

So look out for these symptoms: 

👉🏻 Mom Stress

An “always feeling tired” feeling – or “mom fatigue”- if you are always tired – it is not normal – (always chat with your doctor first! But if nothing shows up) this is likely the result of stress messing up your sleep. This can lead to mom burnout and should not be taken lightly!

👉🏻 Zero patience with your kids – when you are under stress everything is a threat! Which means screaming kids also trigger your fight or flight response, usually meaning you lose your patience with ever minor annoyances. 

👉🏻 Feeling angry constantly – also known “mom rage”. If your stress reaction is to fight … now you know why you may feel angry all the time. 

👉🏻 Wishing the day away – you wake up and can’t wait for the day to end again – sound familiar? If your stress reaction is flight – this is probably why you wish you were anywhere else but where you are. 

👉🏻 Can’t think clearly – when we are under chronic stress, the connection with the decision making part of our brains is not as smooth, which is why sometimes (of a lot of the time you get “brain fog”). 

👉🏻 Digestion issues – when you are under stress and feel “threatened” it is not the time to digest! Bloating and constipation are most common while others can develop diarrhoea. 

Want to know about some easy techniques to relieve stress? Send me a DM @meditationfairy on Instagram and let’s chat! 👏🏻

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