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Want Printable games and activities to do at home with your child?

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Because we love questions...

Here are some answers.

The recommended age group is between 3 and 9 years old. But of course they can be enjoyed by anyone at any age.  Because they are illustrated, some older children may find them “childlike”, however I have found that even older children are keen to read them at home (where there is no peer pressure to dissuade them). 

This is a great question…

My son started at 5 with very short meditations (7-9 mins). 

However, we recommend to start reading the books as soon as possible. I started reading to my son everyday before he turned 2 (I love reading and wanted to make it part of our routine).  

Many people don’t know that children’s brain waves are predominantly in Theta between the ages of 0 and 6. Theta is the same state when someone is in hypnosis or meditation. 

The consequence of this state is that they absorb everything around them with #nofilter. Normalising both the positive and negative experiences in their lives. 

This is why “normalising” meditation practice through storytelling is so important. 

Through these stories they will know that they can navigate their emotions, that they don’t need something outside of them to be happy and that those quiet moments of introspection should be highly valued. 

There is no reference in any of the books to any religion. The books are an introduction to meditation for kids (for example, sitting still, being patient, breathing and/or closing your eyes, etc.) to help children understand how meditation works and how they can feel afterwards. 

 The aim of the books is to serve as an introduction of meditation for kids. Some of the books (for example, “You don’t need your body to sail a boat”) go through the adventure the children have during a meditation, but they are not meant specifically to be followed as guided meditations for your child. 

Each book has a companion guided meditation (related to the story) that is available to listen to on the Meditation Fairy Patreon Page, which can be accessed HERE

Yes! Currently the books are available in English and Spanish, but will soon be available in German.

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Yes! Check out our Patreon page HERE. Where you can find animated storybooks, guided meditations, support for parents and so much more. By becoming a member you are helping us create more tools and resources to help you on your  meditation journey. 

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