Proactive Meditation for Children

Unfortunately most of the parents that reach out to me are parents of kids who are already suffering from anxiety, depression or stress.

And It’s normal, their child is in pain and suffering, they want to help, I would do the same in their situation. who wouldn’t ?

What I would LOVE to see is parents coming to me even if their kids don’t have anxiety, depression or stress.

But let’s be realistic, when things are going well, we rarely think of prevention. We are busy with the day to day and keep our fingers crossed that everything will be plain sailing.

Until it isn’t.

I started a consistent meditation practice AFTER I started suffering from depression and burn out.

I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had had the tools to help me through when I needed it.

That’s the main reason why I decided to start teaching meditation to my then 4 yo. Because I realised just how important it was. Especially for highly sensitive children.

I know as Parents we want to give our kids the tools they will need as they grow up.

To deal with emotional ups and downs, the craziness of hormones, an ever changing world, unkind comments from strangers, and body image just to name a few.

The thing to remember is that Meditation is not a band-aid 🩹 or a pill to pop when you are feeling unwell.

It’s like a tool that you learn how to use and practice so that when that emotional blow arrives your child will know how to keep themselves from being blown away by the emotion.

Naming and becoming aware of emotions is just one of the many benefits that meditation can bring to kids, even if those kids are not anxious or stressed.

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