Thankfulness as a Mom

Whether you’re just starting your journey or already experienced, being a mom is both hard and rewarding! It’s an honor being able to raise my precious children..

There are so many reasons to be thankful and here are some I’d love to share:

No matter how many times I feel like I’m failing as a mother or having a bad day, it all goes away when I hear “I love you mommy ” or I see their sweet smiles. 💖

Reasons to be thankful as a Mom | Meditation Fairy

I learned how to handle different life situations by being calm and mindful. That time when my baby hurt his hand while he’s playing, I thought I’d panic but I’m calm as f*ck, comforted and hugged him, told him it’s okay. Who knew I had it in me?! 😅

I learned how important mindful parenting is. When you have your partner with you all throughout the journey, and that you appreciate him/her more.

There’s still a lot of wonderful things I’d love to share but I also want to hear from you! 

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