About Us

Once Upon a Time

There was an environmental lawyer, who thought she had it all figured out, until she became a mom and realised she didn’t. Motherhood and fatherhood change us, I used to think this change meant I had lost myself, until I realised it was bringing me back to who I truly was.

Meditation and Mindfulness showed me the way out of depression, helped me build resilience and how to truly enjoy parenting. Parenting can be joyful and fun. I want to show you ways to bond and communicate with your kids that will last a lifetime (not just while they are little!). 

Our Aim & Mission

Our aim is to create a mindful toolkit that both You and Your kids can dip into when you want to:

Boost Confidence

Our Affirmation Cards help kids learn their worth and strength come from within, so they have the self-belief they can achieve all their dreams.

Ease anxiety & stress

Our picture books guided meditations help kids easily incorporate meditation and mindfulness into their day. Giving them the tools to find their calm.

Be a Calmer Parent

Change starts with us. That's why our online courses focus on helping you become the parent you wanted to have when you were a kid.

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