Helping Children Find Their Zen With Bedtime Stories.

Get simple tools that help your children become calmer and happier.


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What if you had a simple tool that would help your children ease their anxiety, increase their confidence and develop resilience ?

Imagine how would it feel if your daughter participated confidently in her swimming or after school lesson without shying away in a corner…

Or that your son was able to drift away to a peaceful sleep (in his own bed!) without any stress or anxiety.

And that your daughter would instinctively know how to centre herself and was able to self-regulate her emotions

Science has shown time and again that meditation and mindfulness can help children:

Increase their attention and ability to focus;

Reduce anxiety; 

Perform better in school;

Develop self-regulation;

Develop responsible decision making and prosocial behaviour. 

And now it’s easier than ever to introduce meditation to your children, 

because all you have to do is read them a story. 

Really?… Really.

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How I got my son interested in Meditation

When my son started asking about meditation, I knew I couldn’t talk to him about it like a “mini- adult” but I also knew that saying “close your eyes and focus on your breath” wasn’t going to cut it either. 

He needed an explanation (much like I did) about the whys and hows behind “closing your eyes and being present”

The answer was simple. To read him a story... 

With fun adventures and relatable characters much like his other favorite bedtime stories. 

Naturally sparking his curiosity and making him ask me if we could meditate together, instead of the other way around. 

Hi! I’m Maricela, author, mum, certified meditation teacher and creator of Meditation Fairy.

We help parents effortlessly introduce meditation to their children so that they find inner happiness, growing into kind, emotionally intelligent adults. 

My life completely changed when I incorporated a daily meditation practice into my life. I became calmer and a better parent as a result. I knew meditation would help my son and it has… 

We Learn Best Through Stories (it’s science)

Children between the ages of 1 and 6 are essentially in a hypnotic state as regards their brainwaves (Theta brainwaves). 

And they continue to be in a semi hypnotic state (Alpha brain waves) until age 8. 

This means that what they hear and read goes straight into their subconscious minds.  

Listening to stories about how boys and girls (just like them) overcame fear, anger, sadness or manifested beautiful outcomes, shows them in a simple and fun way what they can achieve through meditation. 

Meditation Fairy stories do the “hard work” of getting children interested in meditation. 

As a parent all you have to do is read and be ready to talk to them about meditation (and perhaps do your first meditation together).

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